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Tools and tool systems for processing wood, plastics, etc. LEITZ

More than 10 years NEW TECHNOLOGIES GROUP has been supplying saw blades, jointing and end mills, cartridges, collets, knives, pruners, drills. Our extensive expertise and using components from leading manufacturers is the main reason why the customers choose us.
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Leitz (Germany) is a leading manufacturer of precision machine tools and special tool systems for professional processing of solid wood, wood materials and plastics.
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    LEITZ produces a full range of products for professional processing of wood and plastics. The standard program covers more than 8,000 names of tools.

    The tools have a long service life, high productivity, and accuracy of surface treatment, it will take a small cost to restore the cutting ability.

    The tools are made of high-alloy high-speed steel, hard alloys with the use of polycrystalline diamonds (PKD), synthetic single-crystal diamond.

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Saw blades, jointing and end mills, cartridges, collets, knives, pruners, drills
  • Пилы дисковые по дереву LEITZ
    Пилы дисковые по дереву
    WK 150-2, WK 854-2, SK 199-2 и др.
  • Пилы дисковые специальные LEITZ
    Пилы дисковые специальные
    WK 361-2, WK 381-2, WK 462-2 и др.
  • Строгание и профилирование LEITZ
    Строгание и профилирование
    WM 501-2, WF 620-2, SF 540-2 и др.
  • Фрезы концевые LEITZ
    Фрезы концевые
    WO 160-2, WO 140-2-50 и др.
  • Сверление LEITZ
    WB 120-0-10, WB 101-0-02 и др.
  • Зажимные системы LEITZ
    Зажимные системы
    PT 300, PM 350, TI 501 и др.
  • Ножи и бланкеты LEITZ
    Ножи и бланкеты
    АТ 103, AT 107, TM 100 и др.
  • Обработка плитных материалов LEITZ
    Обработка плитных материалов
    WM 230-2-01

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